Car sharing for the daily commute

Car sharing for the daily commute to Edinburgh or Glasgow

Following the recent news about Wellhead Farm and the fact that the development will go ahead despite our best efforts, I thought I’d look at digital solutions to ease the pressure on the A71, M8 and the Livingston South Train Station and car park.

There are a number of car pool and ride sharing apps available now that we all have smart phones with GPS tracking. I’ve looked at a few but the one that I see that rises to the top of the pile in the UK is Liftshare.


I would be very interested to know if anyone already uses this App to commute into Edinburgh or Glasgow and how they would rate the App. If you are looking to share a car journey to Livingston South Station or all the way to Edinburgh or Glasgow and back then this may be a good way to find a driver or passenger going the same way at the same time.

Find out more about Liftshare and register…

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