New Development Plans for West Lothian

The SDP is a statutory planning document which is prepared or updated every five years and covers a twenty year time period. It is prepared by the Strategic Development Planning Authority for Edinburgh and South East Scotland, otherwise known as SESplan and it covers 6 local authority areas, including Midlothian, Edinburgh, East Lothian, Fife (in part), Scottish Borders and West Lothian.

The SDP communicates strategic level and cross-boundary planning policy, and applies national policy and guidance from the Scottish Government. It is used to inform the Local Development Plans prepared by each of the six member authorities.

Full details of the current Strategic Development plan, its review and status of the new Proposed Plan (SDP2) can be viewed on the SESplan website The LDP is being prepared by West Lothian Council and will set out out a long term vision for growth, identifying land and infrastructure to deliver new homes and for businesses to locate and expand. The LDP is currently the subject of examination by reporters appointed by Scottish Government and contains detailed policies and proposals to guide future development in the area and provide the framework against which planning applications are assessed.

Examination of the LDP commenced in January and is anticipated to take several months to complete. It should be noted that the Scottish Government recently commissioned an independent review of the Scottish Planning System and one of recommendations from the Review Panel was that SDP process should be abolished. Consultation runs until 4 April and the Scottish Government are keen that as many organisations and interested parties as possible should respond. You can follow the progress of the LDP on the West Lothian Council website or sign up to get the LDP newsletter here. You can also keep up to date with details of the examination on the Planning & Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) website

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