Planning Application for Wellhead Farm

Bellway Homes / Walker Group have now submitted a planning application to develop 280 homes at Wellhead Farm.  Residents of properties which back onto the proposed site will have already received notification from West Lothian Council as to the planning application. The period for public consultation on the development will close Monday 5th November 2018 and it is important if you feel you wish to comment, you do so by this date.   If so, go to West Lothian Council’s planning website and make your comments, see below links.  All the documentation submitted by the developer can be viewed on this website

Planning applications: and go to input box “Enter keyword, reference number” type in 0922/MSC/18 this will take you to the planning application.   You can view all the related documents and should you wish to comment, click on the tab “Comment tab”. Once you have completed your comment, press the “submit and Register” button.   Prior to making a comment you should look at the web page below which clearly explains the comments process.

If you make a comment you will be informed by West Lothian Council as to the date of the full Council meeting.  if you indicate, you will have an opportunity to present your views to the committee. In reality it is as important to present your case at the committee meeting as it is to logging a comment.


Some of the issues that the Community Council feel are relevant:

  • Although planning in principal was granted by the Scottish Government (Appeal ref : PPA-400-2071)  2017, the proposed character of the houses are not in keeping with the area.
  • There is no tree barrier between the development and Murieston Road
  • Both junctions to Murieston Road should be roundabouts to facilitate future traffic from the P101 Distributor Road (Main Route through development).



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