Murieston Castle

Murieston Castle is a ruined tower house, dating from the 16th century, 2 miles (3.2 km) west of West Calder, west of the Murieston Water, at Murieston Castle Farm, West LothianScotland.[1]


Murieston Castle had become ruinous by the early 19th century, when it was restored in the 1820s[2] or 1830s.[1] It has been described as being over-restored, and having the character of a folly.[2] The restoration was for John Keir who bought Wester Murieston in 1819.[3]


The castle was oblong, the walls being of rubble, two storeys high. At first-floor level there is roofless turret, corbelled out in the original building.[2] The tower is about 7 metres long, running north-west to south-east, and 5 metres broad.[4]

There is a fore-stair to the upper storey. A double doorway carries a medallion with arms in spandrel.[3]

It is a scheduled monument and a Category B listed building.[5][3]


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