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Community Councils

West Lothian Council is required by law to have a Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in its area. However, community councils are not part of the Council’s structure – they are independent bodies who run their own affairs and elect their own members. Find out more at West Lothian Council website.

Murieston Community Council

Currently 12 Murieston Community Councillors and 2 elected West Lothian Councillors meet on a monthly basis and all residents have the opportunity to attend any of these meetings. Please inform us of your attendance.

Never has there been greater interest in the Murieston Community Council with recent planning events having such an impact on local residents. Is it time for you to step forward and take a more active role? We have a talented team but we are keen to bring in additional talent to secure the future impact of the Murieston Community Council. Never has there been a better time to get involved. You can give as much or as little of your time as you wish and get involved in all aspects of community life in Murieston.

Murieston Community Council Meetings

Currently, meetings are held in the Staff Room at Williamston Primary School, Bankton Lane, Murieston, Livingston EH54 9DQ, normally on the second Thursday of each month (except July and August), starting at 7pm.  Minutes of last meeting.

The next Murieston Community Council meeting will be on Thursday 10th May 2018.

Meetings in 2018 will be held on these dates :-

2018:  11 January, 8 March, 12 April, 10 May, 14 June (AGM)

Murieston from the air

Integrated Joint Board Strategic Plan Outcomes

The new Local Housing Strategy will seek to ensure:

  • Independent living is supported in the context of an ageing population and increasing health and social care demand.
  • Strategic alignment in supporting care and people in their own homes and provision of adaptations.
  • Provision of services for all tenures including … Continue reading

Murieston Castle

Murieston Castle is a ruined tower house, dating from the 16th century, 2 miles (3.2 km) west of West Calder, west of the Murieston Water, at Murieston Castle Farm, West LothianScotland.[1]


Murieston Castle had become ruinous by the early 19th century, when … Continue reading


Local Development Plan- Intention to Adopt Plan

Intention to Adopt Plan

The West Lothian Local Development Plan Proposed Plan was submitted to the Scottish Government Planning & Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) on 28 October 2016 to examine the unresolved representations to the Plan.

The principal Report of Examination was issued on 11 … Continue reading


Suggestions from people supporting the idea of a Community Development Trust

Our feedback questionnaire on the interest in a CDT for Murieston revealed the following suggestions:

  • Extending Murieston Trail to Cobbinshaw Reservoir
  • Improve facilities at Campbridge Pond
  • Maintain and support Murieston and Linhouse Trails
  • Fencing to separate playpark from the rest of the field at Robin’s Lane, plus additonal seating
  • Inclusive community events – … Continue reading

TripShare West Lothian

SEStran currently fund and run a program called TripshareSEStran which uses the Liftshare platform. It performs similarly to Ride Connect with social media and App based connectivity as well as a web portal.

There are currently over 9000 members across the region and they encourage local businesses and community … Continue reading



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